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"Inhar is a boy who makes you feel comfortable from the first moment, he transmits confidence and in this way you let him guide you to capture those unforgettable moments.

The final result is an intimate photograph of excellent quality that at every moment makes you relive the moments captured. For me personally a worker 10 and the relationship unbeatable quality / price. "



"If we had to define Inhar with a word... It would be “crack”. "He is an artist, we are very happy to have chosen him and we would do it again without a doubt, as a person, he is very close and we are great with him and as a professional... It's the most... Each and every one of our wedding photos are good photos, they all transmit something and they are made with great pleasure, each one is better than the previous one and our wedding reflected it perfectly

There is no detail or moment that happened to him, everything and we all have them in photos He was great with us from the minute 0 in which we contacted him, until after the wedding, we are very grateful from beginning to end for his Hehas been a great pillar in our wedding, we have nothing but good words for him, we absolutely recommend him. "



"From the first meeting with him we knew he was going to be our wedding photographer, Inhar is a great professional, he involves from the first minute to the last, from the pre-wedding to the last dance. Congratulations for the work you do!"




"Very qualified photographer, with an impressive quality of work and that transmits a trust that is noticeable in the results, one of the most economical in the area and is surprising for the quality of his work, very, very recommendable."

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"The best photographer, without a doubt. A few great snapshots, a beautiful album and most importantly, an impeccable treatment. For us, he has been more than a photographer: he has been a wedding planner and even a psychologist. He has helped us with the details of the wedding, and although it rained, he knew how to cheer us up and get us a smile. Thanks, Inhar."




"When someone gets involved in something like Inhar does, it's easy for things to go well. A great professional very attentive, friendly and polite. Everything you expect from a photographer on your wedding day and even more. A sure bet to have him."




"From the first day we stayed with Inhar he made us feel very comfortable and, that has been noticed in the different sessions we have done with him. Very happy with the result. Get capture the moments of that great day in your work."

Boda en San Sebastian



It was impossible to find someone more appropriate and related to us for our wedding! A great professional who has known how to get the best out of us and the rest of the wedding! Incredible work done! A great professional and a better person! Thanks for everything

Boda en Zarautz



I visited his website and I knew what I was looking for. I'm delighted with Inhar's work. She is a person who takes great care of the details, very attentive, makes you feel very comfortable and the result is incredible, she is very happy. I would recommend Inhar to anyone who wants to have a special memory of their wedding day.




"It is impressive to see the result of the wedding report, the great day told in images, as naturally as possible. A luxury to be able to stay with this memory. The video has been fantastic. We were thrilled to see both the photos and the video. Inhar and his team have been very professional, they have given 100% with our wedding, they help you and advise you at all times, even in the organization of the day; And they also make you feel very comfortable. Without a doubt, of the best choices for our wedding. Thanks for your work, really, you are awesome.

Boda en Deba



A very professional team and perfect attention. Very close to now working with them. The result is a wonderful album and wedding video, and an unforgettable memory for our entire lives. I recommend it to everyone, really.




What can I say that you don’t already know? Thanks for everything, it was a pleasure that you were at my wedding doing the coverage. We trust you for other photo shoots and it will remain that way, because besides being a wonderful person you are a great professional. Thanks.